What is hashing?

In short, hashing is kind of a treasure hunt for beer, we follow a trail (in which we have no knowledge of where it goes) marked in flour. We find beer along the way and we sing drinking songs to each other.

Our group (kennel) ranges from the very athletic runner type to the relaxed walker. Whatever your level of athletic ability, you are welcome within the realm of hashers. So, if you would like to make some new friends and drink some beer and hear some new drinking songs, come along and run, walk or crutch your way to our next hash!

Pabst Smear of the Oregon hash, puts it simply: "Can you drink a beer? Can you 'run' a quarter of a mile at any pace without dying? You're in."

Here are a couple of useful links to help you learn more about the Hash House Harriers:
H3SOB's in depth video on what is hashing and the history
The Ashland (OR) Hash's fantastic video on the basics of hashing

Also, if you'd like some more history of the world-wide organization of the Hash House Harriers, please check out harrier.net's brief history on hashing (or the H3SOB website link above).

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