Organizes events, organizes people for events, deals with miscellaneous hash matters, and keeps the hash functioning.
-Beano & Pippi Dong Stalker
Pippi Dong Stalker
Pippi Dong Stalker

Hare Razor:
Manages hares and gets hares for hashes.
-Amber Alert
Amber Alert

Religious Advisers:
Conducts Religion in the way s/he see's fit. Responsible for issuing down-downs and songs.
-Weird-Ball Yank-a-Dick
Weird-Ball Yank-a-Dick

Manages the acquiring and selling of Boulder H3 merchandise.
-To be Filled

Hash Flash:
Takes photos / Manages photos taken.
-Weird-Ball Yank-a-Dick

Hash Cash:
Organizes the funds for the hash and makes sure the funds make it to the correct people.
-To be Filled

Hash Historian:
Recounts the events of the hash. Real or Imagined
-All-American Cum Stain

Hash Nerd:
Webmaster for the Boulder H3 site.
-Liza's Lady Dayz 

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