Hare a trail

Want to hare?

First: Check the calendar and find a opening in the schedule.
Second: Contact the Hare Razor, and let him know that you want to hare.

New to haring?

Check out these guides to help you make your first (and subsequent hashes) successful.

Announcing Trail

If you're not a member already, ask to join the Boulder H3 email list. When announcing the hash, please use the designed template below and post directly to the Boulder H3 the list (as well as the Colorado H3 list so that the main site gets updated as well!). Now check the website (BoulderH3.org) within a day or two and the site should be updated with your posting. If not, either you did not use the template (see above) or there is an error with the forwarding system and contact the Hash Nerd  to fix it. Please post to the lists before Wednesday so that the information on the main Colorado Receding Hareline is updated as well!

Again, don't forget to send the info before the **Wednesday** before your trail to the Colorado H3 List so that the Colorado Receding Hareline will be updated!

Haring template

Please use this as a template when announcing trail on the calendar

Hash Cash:
Dog/Stroller Friendly:
Hash Crash/DD:

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