Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[BH3] BH3 #744 - It's a BASH!

What:  This Saturday's trail with be a Bash (aka Bike Hash, aka Boozy Boulder Bike Brewery and Bar Bacchanalia).  
When:  Saturday 7/18 @ 5:69 HST (6:09 pm)
Where:  Sanitas Brewery
Hares:  Amber Alert and Friends
Hash Cash:  $0
Bring:  A Bike!  Money and ID (since all the BN's will be breweries, distilleries, bars, or houses of ill-repute), shaved legs, other shaved body parts, hipster bike gear, cranium protectors and/or knee pads, and a blow-up sex doll so Brrrggghh can tell that New Orleans story for the 50th time.

-Amber Alert

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