Monday, February 23, 2015

[BH3] Impromptu Boulder Hash House Sledders #420-69

What: Impromptu sledding  because snow and Monday and alcohol 

When: Monday Monday MONDAY (tonight) at 8PM

Where: Tantra Park (at the 50 Shades of Grey VD Hash there was a Franzia check at the top of a hill, that is where we shall sleds)

Hares: Just Sled 

Hash Cash: No money because this is not a real Hash, BYOJD

Bring: Sleds, winter warmie clothes, flasks of hot whiskey, jars of hot whiskey, jugs of hot whiskey, your own booze, an appetite for speed, a disdain for children and school nights, easily accessible breasts/genitalia, mittens

Trail: A to B (A will be the top of the hill, you will drink; B will be the bottom of the hill, you will drink)

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Ummm, ever heard of a Dog Sled?


D'Erections: I'd say park in the back of the parking lot of the Cornerstone Church of Boulder Valley off of Broadway. It is technically on Lashley which runs parallel to Broadway and you can access that street by turning off Broadway at Hanover. The Skip will get you to across the street. Then you can walk about 100 feet through the little trail and through the fence to the top of the sledding hill. 


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