Monday, January 05, 2015


Here's some of the latest info on Holidaze from our Facebook page.  It's highly advised that you join the Event there to get any news or last minute info.

Especially note to part below about how you will get lost and laughed at if you just put "Golden Gate Canyon State Park" in your GPS.

From Muffet:

Its here wankers! Kegs tapped at 3pm.
Schedule: Friday 7pm PAJAMA Cabin Crawl. Wear you finest bedtime apparel and have your cabin prepared to host a beverage stop for the roving band of hashers.
Hares: pickup style

Sat: 11:30 am trail.
Hares: Mach and Pippi
After circle: potluck dinner, be prepared with a dish to pass in your own cabins, go visit your neighbors and eat their food.
7pm: get rid of your shitty white elephant gifts from last Holidaze by re-gifting them at this years White Elephant

Midnight Nekkid Hash in FIVE MINUTES!!!

sunday - outta camp by noon.

Bring: cash if y haven't paid, virgins, warm clothes, your own food and bedding, anybodys mom other then Beanos, I think shes been rode hard and put out wet by the hash by now.

On-on to Holidaze!!

From Mach:

Pippi and I went scouting yesterday, partly because every other year as hounds we have been too drunk to remember what trail looked like. Here are some tips:
Directions: look them up before hand, don't just type golden gate canyon state park into google, you will be led astray. Remember you want Reverends Ridge Campground area. HWY 119 to Gap Rd.
Conditions: road was passable to most any type of vehicle, roads are snow covered but not bad. Things got windy and sketchy in places.

It was cold but the wind is what was most annoying, maybe bring a jacket.

If you see a moose, you are probably on trail.

Gaiters are recommended because you will be tromping through a lot of snow. They don't have to be fancy, any redneck solution will work. Snow shoes might be excessive but traction devices never hurt.

Signage will say that only 3.2% beer is allowed. Don't flaunt you booze and respect the rangers and we should be fine.

TIME: 11:30AM. we want to try and make trail happen as early as possible because the wind picks up in the afternoon and things get shitty.

Also Bring a vessel.

Watch out for wessels, they are small and crafty, the best thing is to poop outside your cabin, it seems to keep them away.

Carpool: any vehicle in the park will need a $7 day pass for each day (7*3=$21). If you frequent said parks go online and get an annual pass for $70, or any other place that sells them.

There is little to no cell reception. Communicate before hand. If you are trying to contact someone that is already up there, your best bet is to send a raven.

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