Tuesday, May 20, 2014


What: TOGA HASH + Memorial Day Bolder Boulder Interruption

When: Start 9 AM on MONDAY 5/26. This should give you racists enough time to r*n your silly race and meet us. The pack will kindly mark trail, so if you are a little late then follow the flour.

Where: Howard Hueston Park

D'Erections: Meet at Howard Hueston Park: https://goo.gl/maps/cgXMd Look for street parking--you should be able to park on 34th street; take Foothills to Valmont (going west) then right/north on 34th. The Bolder Boulder may interfere with other routes to the park: check the official route to know where you have to drive around, or better yet just bike or walk there. http://www.bolderboulder.com/Page/Find/Maps

Hares: Ceasar Weird Ball Yankus-o-Dickus and Machus 1.Whoricleese

Trail: A-A

Hash Cash: $5 for the hash. We will do some breakfast snacks before and BBQ after. We will provide some food, and will have a tip jar if you want to contribute to food fund. This is rain or shine event, weather looks to be in the 70s so we'll grab a keg of milk stout.

Bring: a toga, laurel wreath, virgins for the Bacchanalia, any other food you'd like at the BBQ...

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Dogs and kiddies are not allowed in the Bolder Boulder race, which we'll be ducking through; sorry. They should be okay at the park for the BBQ and circle.

Contact: Got caught up in the Bolder Boulder and lost the pack? Were racist enough to run the Bolder Boulder, but not enough to finish in time to find the pack? Call Weird Ball at (303) 717-7994, and I'll get back to you at the next beer check.


What:  Boulder Hash House Harriers 3rd Anal Campout Weekend

When: June 6 - June 8, 2014


Hares: Lil Miss Muffet and Cockchester

Where: Out near Chambers Lake (way up Poudre Canyon)

Why: Because the tics and skeeters need to get drunk too

What to Bring: Bottle of wine and some cheese (for the wine & cheese party), Camping Shit, shit to shit in the woods with, virgins, Unicorns, any additional booze that you and yer liver may require, food for the weekend, the award, wood if you are too lazy to go ten feet into the forest and find some.

How much will this cost me? $25
Pay via PayPal to Powers.Alan@gmail.com - pay as  GIFT, or else we get docked a paypal fee

What do I get out of it? Beer for the weekend, shitty shiggy fucken trail set by Muffet and Cockchester, some sorta swag (TBD)

Dogs? YES!!!!!!

Duh'Erections: Get on hwy 14 and head west up Poudre Canyon. Turn right on Chambers Lake Rd, Look for signs ON THE LEFT

Friday 6/6: mid afternoon
-Hashers arrive, set up their shit
-Short trail (still need a hare) 
-Wine & Cheese Party
-Midnight Naked Hash: Hare -Amber Alert

Saturday 6/7:
-Wake up and get your hair o' the dog on
-Hash (start time will be announced)

Sunday 6/8:
-Fatboy Hash aka clean up your shit and finish the keg
-Go the fuck home

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

BH3 Hash #701

What: Cap n' Gown Hash

When: 6pm on Sat, May 10

Where: The Sink

Hares: Cockchester

Hash Cash: $5

Bring: Your parents, a funnel, college hookups, an appetite for making bad choices, ID.

Trail: A-A'

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Bring all the dogs and get an irresponsible teenager to watch your babies.