Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boulder Hash #714 - 9/27 @1:69 HST - Keepin' it Weird

What:  As the conventional wisdom goes:  People from Denver think people from Boulder are weird, but people from Boulder think people from Ned are *really* weird.  In that spirit let's venture up into the patchouli-scented mountains of our neighbors to the west so that we hashers can, for one glorious afternoon, feel a little bit normal.  

When: Saturday 9/27 @ 1:69 HST (that's 2:19 MST)

Where:  The Pioneer Inn 15 E. First Street, Nederland

Hares:  Amber Alert and Cockchester

Hash Cash:  5 Dolla

Bring:  Dry and warm clothes, fleshlights, a signed copy of "101 Ways to Get with Beano's Mom" by Lady Dayz, healing crystals, vessels, hemp underwear, and The Award. 

Trail:  A-A'

Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Doggies who can share nicely with mountain bikers should be ok.  Please have a leash (someone has to keep POD in control)

Hash Crash/DD:  The N bus from Boulder is a great option.  Only $4 cash each way!  If you're on the one arriving in Ned at 2:41, don't worry, we'll still be pre-lubing.  If you're on an earlier one, you're hashing right.

D'Erections:  Google that shit!

Amber and Cockchester

Friday, September 12, 2014

Over a year of hash-flash backlog…

Since I started hashing, I've taken over a thousand pictures on BH3 trails, but have uploaded something closer to… none of them.  As a first step towards sharing hash flash soon after trail, I've gone through pictures from 30 trails over the time I've been hashing, selected 160-plus pictures, and am sharing them now.

(Pictures should be reasonably sfw, but if you're in a picture you'd like not to be shared on the internet, just let me know and I'll remove it.)

Photos begin below, starting from when I first joined you all last May…

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering Tupac Shakur and Mis-Management Election Results Hash

What: Dress like your best 80's/90's gangsta and get elected! BH3 #713

When: This Saturday at 3pm (9/13)

Where: Maxwell Lake (We have had beer checks here in the past.)

Hares: Beano and Pippi

Hash Cash: 5 dollas

Bring: Yo gang colors, 'tude, forties, a boom box, diamond stud earring, several backup dancers, your MC skillz, a microphone, parachute pants, and bag of peanut M&M's (for Pippi)  

Trail: A-A with chance of sunshine, rain, sleet or snow. 

Dog/Stroller: Both should be cool. We also like buns in the oven. 

(This link is for a random house on the block. Park and then meet at the lake.)