Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mis-management elections!

Hello wankers and wankettes!

It's the time we've all been waiting for--hash elections! Yay! Who wants in on this goodness?

You will not have absolute power, but you will be corrupted, absolutely.

There are several roles for which you may nominate yourself or others. In keeping with the typical hash tradition of not being traditional, we are going to mix up the Mis-management possibilities. There are all kinds of roles silly hares can take upon themselves or be elected to fulfill. And that is why we want to expand the traditional roles to include a couple more options. 

Check out the P2H4 Position Descriptions: 

Or the Boston Hash:

There might be some new positions that interest you. And new positions should always interest you! 

The term is roughly from September to September. Please email Beano or Pippi with your nominations and we will be setting up a Google poll by Sept. 6th and the poll will close Sept. 12th. Newly elected officials will be announced at the Sept. 13th hash.

May "G" bless and keep you,

Pippi and Beano

Boulder H3 Info:

Colorado Info:

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