Friday, March 28, 2014

Boulder Prelube to the Fort Collins Green Dress Run [SPECIAL TIME]

We have another chance to look like idiots in green dresses, better get your liver ready for it...

What: BH3 #698 - FC GDR Prelube
When: Saturday, Bright and Early at the special time of 10am
Where: Martin Park off of Eastman Ave (from S Broadway)
Hares: Beano, Beano, & Beano
Hash Cash: Five Dolla, fünf Denaro, Cinco scrilla
Bring: Virgins, extra cash, A whistle
Trail: A to ∂A/∂t|r, beer checks, green dress shopping checks, you know the usual
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Probably not strollers, I like mud.
Hash Crash/DD: None, we're carpooling up to FC and invading them after the prelube.
D'Erections: Enter this into your sat nav: 39.987874, -105.250593 or link:
Extra Info: Get yourself ready for the FC GDR. There will be an opportunity on trail to get yourself a shiny new green dress for fart collins

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