Friday, January 31, 2014


What:  Special Edition Boulder Hash - Let's have our own pre-game show before the game on Sunday and then convene to a bar to watch the game and devise creative ways for Bruno Mars to meet with an untimely but justifiable death during the half time show.  This will be a real hash, so remember to wear those brand new kicks you're so fond of.
When:  Sunday 2/2 @ 11:00AM!
Where:  East Mapleton Ball Fields, Boulder.  Park on Mapleton between 28th and and 30th.
Hares: Cockchester, Amber Alert, Pippi Dong Stalker
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: Bratwurst, beer bellies, cheerleaders, bros, touchdown dances, dry clothes, and an unwavering belief that God is on the side of the hashers.
Trail: A-A'
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Dogs will enjoy trail but unless they're over 21 won't be permitted in the bar for the Stupid Bowl.

On On 
Amber Alert

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bronco Hash 1/25 @ 2

GOOOOO Broncos Hash!

What: We are Super Sportsball Fans!
When: This Saturday, January 25th at precisely 2 o'cockish
Where: Bobolink Trailhead, Gapter Rd CO 80303
Hares: Mach 1. Whore and Pippi 
Hash Cash: Five bucks
Bring: All your orange Bronco loving garb. Those boys are hitting the big top, so let's show 'em some pride. (if you are a Seahawks fan, we will judge you, but wear your spirit gear and celebrate the sportsball.) Also bring brand new shoes, a lighter, some herb, dead whores, clean socks, and your grandma.
Trail: Bring a sag bag. 
D'erections: Google that sh*t. 

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