Monday, September 30, 2013

Mis-management meeting Monday (30 Sept) at 5:30

Hey Boulder hashers, wanna help organize the hash? Or do you just want to drink? The mis-management will be at the Dark Horse today at 5:30 for a few hours drinking and such so come along!

Possible topics of conversation:
Minimum BAC requirement before entering cockfield...'s hot tub
Most efficient method of utilizing a zombie killer
Why does the boulder hash love to shotgun beers behind the Bus Stop?

Establishing a weekly drinking practice
Hash trash: Who wants it?
Habadashery: Tech-shirts? Whistles? Dildos?
Beermeister: Educating our hares and getting our beer to the hash
Boulder special events/hashes: Hash prom? Blue Dress Run? Tutus? FC invasions?
Other crap that the hash's collective consciousness can come up with.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

[BH3] Boulder HHH - Flood Hash - Sat sept 28th, 3pm

Ryan P asked - "How far do you guys run? And why is the starting point at the Bus Stop, but the starting address somewhere else?" 
  Well Ryan the first answer I can't tell you, its a number between 1 and 1000, the second answer is I'm stupid

Revised version***

What:  Fuck you flood! Hash - hare Plan-B

When:  Saturday September 28th  -  2:30pm prelube – 3pm hare away

Where:  Starts at The Bus Stop - 4871 Broadway St, Boulder, CO

Prelube: There will be beer.

On-After: Upslope Brewing Co. - 1501 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder, CO

Hares:  Plan-B

Hash Cash:  $5

Bring:  Hatered of water and all things muddy

4 Months ago Plan B was drinking a beer, 5 days later he woke up in Boulder…it happens.  Now I’m being forced to do some real work and run you hashers around my hood of North Boulder where we’ll run around some ground zero sites for the flood of 2013.  So head on over!...(who said head?)

Trail:  There will be trail.

Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Should be dog friendly, won’t be stroller friendly.  Don’t think upslope will allow dogs


“Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.” ― W.C. Fields

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Holidaze III planning meeting

What: Holidaze III planning meeting
When : This Thursday @ 6:30pm
Where: Avery

We need hares for Friday and Saturday trails, and will discuss cabins, dates, beer, schwag, etc...

Tentative Holidaze dates this year are Jan 3-4, or Jan 10-11

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The moment you've all been waiting for. The Boulder Campout hash!

What: BH3 #681/#682 - 3rd Anal Campout hash!

When: Friday ~7:30pm September 6th & Saturday ~2pm September 7th

Where: ~ 8 miles from Chambers lake - West of Fort Collins

Hares: David Cockerfield & Beano

RSVP: Please fill out this form, so we know how much beer to bring!

Access to the form and response at

Hash Cash: $10

Bring: $10, whistle, food for the weekend, firewood, ice blocks, shovel, camping s**t, head (huh?) lamps, the hashit, a whistle, moose repellant, a thirst for beer.

Info: Campsite is right next to a creek, so there should be a some great fishing, also these campsites are primitives (read: no pit toilet).
Two Trails, two nights of drinking and a keg of good beer (last year was ellie's brown we may do something like lefthand or new belgium this year). Beautiful area and sources tell me that the poudre canyon fire did not reach this area, so we should still have some pristine shiggy to run around in. Last year we saw a moose on trail so be prepared for some moose knuckle!

Trail: A to Z double prime - lots of shiggy with the added moose bonus!

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Dogs welcome; however, skree is not stroller friendly

Hash Crash/DD: It's a campout - bring a tent

get to Fort Collins in however you like and head north on US 287 then take a left onto CO 14 when 14 departs from 287. Take that for 51 mi west until you reach Co Rd 103 and take a right (watch out 14 does not give you notice for 103 until you hit it...). take 103 about 8.0 mi (set your odometer) and we will be on the left in the campsites. (we will mark this turn)

Lost, Lonely? 
Call 303-578-AREU
(that's 303-578-2738)

Though reception sucks up there....

Who will be camping with the Boulder Hash!