Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happi Coat Decorating Party (Pre-Hash)

What:  Happi Coat Decorating Party
When:  Saturday August 3rd, 3 PM
Where:  G4's House in Lafayette
Hash Cash:  $5 for decorating materials ($5 later for the hash itself)
Bring:  Your lab coat and any fake fur, beads, paint, etc. you want to use to decorate your Happi Coat or to share
Provided: Name and foot and Boulder Hash iron-ons, paint, dye, and many other wondrous things
D'Erections:  910 Harrison Dr. 80026

I'll provide All Manner of decorating stuff. Come to my house with your lab coat and we'll make'em into elegant and/or offensive garments. We might drink, too.

Then we will head out for the hash, which will involve a Surprise On Trail.. Plus awesomeness at both ends and obviously an on-after, with hammocky goodness.

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