Monday, July 22, 2013

FCHHH Invasion - Alien Invasion!

What: Another Boulder Fart Collins Invasion! - FCH3 # 125 - Alien invasion theme
When: Saturday, July 27th @ 2pm - FCtime

Contact Beano ( to oragaize Car pool up to FoCo
We will meet Beano in Boulder then head to Fort Collins in Alien attire as we zap and sonic our way into FoCo

Start: Not posted yet, but I'm sure it'll be in FC
Hares: Free Bus(c)h and Pays for Bus(c)h
Hash Cash: $7
Bring: $7 hash cash, a bike (it's a bike hash), shag bag with usual stuff, extra bonus $$, Romulan Ale

Check or the Colorado Receding Hareline for info about the FCHash


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