Friday, June 21, 2013

Just a normal hash this time

What: Another hash, another day
When:  Saturday 22 June @ 6pm
Where:  Staples Parking lot on 29th and Slap-a-hoe (1601 29th St #1292, Boulder, CO)
Hares:  Beano and friends
Bring:  Hash Cash, sunscreen, the Hashit, the bugle, naughty mags to keep you entertained 
Hash Cash: $5
Trail:  A-A through lovely air conditioned and groomed terrain.
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Yes as long as you keep the kids on a leash and the dogs in the stroller.
D'Erections:  Map! ( ).
Step 1: get to Boulder
Step 2: find Arapaho and learn to count above 10


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