Tuesday, June 04, 2013

BoulderH3 Next Trail this Saturday 6/8 @ 1:69HST

What: Closest Dick'll Do's Virgin Lay
When:  Saturday 6/8 @ 1:69HST (2:15ish)
Boulder!   Trailhead on Lee Hill Dr near the intersection with 5th St  (look for the drunk prairie dogs)
Hares:  the freshly named
: Closest Dickeldoo (formerly just Shelby), Amber Alert, Cockchester
Hash Cash:  
5 Dolla
ID, sunscreen, lube, dry clothes, knife-wielding transients, and an inquiring mind for the answer to the question of just which dick is the closest dick.
A-A through lovely air conditioned and groomed terrain.
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Sorry, no.
D'Erections:  Google Map

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