Monday, February 18, 2013

Hold onto your socks, the 666 hash is finally here!

Holy hell-fire and sh!t, we've finally made it! The Boulder hash is celebrating it's Six Hundredth and Sixty-Sixth hash! (That's 666 for you half minds)

What does that mean? Well it means we're going to have one hell of a party! Along with some kick-ass shirts designed by David Cockerfield, a death by _____ pot-luck, AND a 7 deadly sins-themed HASH.

That leads me to "the easy-to-read forum since I'm a hasher and won't actually read the preface":

What: BH3 666 Hash
When: 2nd March 2013 @ 3pm
Where: Casa de Beano - 795 Gilpin Dr. Boulder Co, 80303
Hares: David Cockerfield, Amber Alert, & Beano
Hash Cash: $5, yes that's right 5 bucks! Common down!
Bring: Costume, food, t-shirt money (see below), VIRGINS, Avery's Beast (or any beer from the Demon series) - though the hares will probably purcase some regardless, sacrifices, an "End is Near" sign, Boombox with Reign in Blood on repeat, and songs for circle (at least some versus for some lymerics for Chicago, Glorious Victorious, etc)

Food: THIS IS A POTLUCK so bring something - Theme: Death By ______
Theme: 7 deadly sins, dress accordingly though keep in mind there will be shiggy so that expensive lace you don't want to f*ck up might not be the best idea.
Additional Cash: For t-shirts! Also if you know you want a t-shirt please let me know so I can get a rough estimate when I order.

Trail: A to Banana, there will be beer checks; lots - prepare thyself, shiggy will be present - get used to it.
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Dags are ok (w/leash probably on trail) though let me know if you plan on bringing either
Hash Crash/DD: Couch space is limited though if you bring a sleeping bag there should be a good amount of floor space on shag carpet ;) again let me know so I know I have enough room

D'Erections: MAP!

South: take US 36 to Boulder, exit onto Foothills Parkway, make a left onto Baseline, right onto Inca, and a left onto Gilpin Dr. My house will be on the left side just past Evans Dr.

North: Take Diagonal onto Foothills parkway, make a right onto Baseline, right onto Inca, and a left onto Gilpin Dr. My house will be on the left side just past Evans Dr.

PS Let me know before trail who the virgins/justs are please... if we have any.

PPS here's the real map


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BH3 #665 - Sci-Fi Hash - Saturday, 2/16 @ 3 pm

What:  Boulder H3 # 665 - The Sci-Fi Hash

When:  Saturday, February 16th @ 3 pm

Where:  Northmoor Park, Broomfield, CO. There's a parking lot at the southeast corner, off E. 13th Ave.
The nearest cross streets are Cedar and Cottonwood.

Hares:  ProBoneMe

Hash Cash:  $7

Bring:  Tricorder, Starfleet/BSG/Farscape/etc uniform or outfit, TARDIS, blueprints for the Death Star, hand-knitted Starship Enterprise, Rebel Alliance swag...really anything nerdy and/or dorky and/or geeky. If you prefer wizards to spaceships, bring your D20 or Mauraders Map or whatever. Bonus points for any hasher who shows up in the Princess Leia outfit. You know the one I mean.

Trail:  A - A' with indoor circle

Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Yes. Direwolves also ok.

Hash Crash/DD:  If you want to drink yourself into oblivion, you should come with a DD.

D'Erections:  Depends on where you're cumming from. Northmoor Park is just west of Sheridan Blvd and just south of W. 136th Ave. Type "Northmoor Park, Broomfield, CO" into Google Maps and you'll see where it's located. The parking lot is at the southeast corner, near the Bal Swan Children's Center.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another day, another Happy Hour - 6 Feb 2013

Hey Hashers,

Cockchester and I are going to be hitting up Southern Sun for happy hour this evening (6 Feb 2013) to try some of the fabulous stout month offerings.  After getting our fill of chai stout (not sure if that will be delicious or disgusting) we're planning to head over to Ras Kassa's for some Ethiopian food.  We'll be getting to Southern Sun around 5:30.  Hope to see some of you out.

-Amber (585-750-8922)

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Happy Hour!

What:  Boulder H3 Happy Hour
When:  Tuesday, February 5th @ 6 pm
Where:  Avery Brewing, 5763 Arapahoe Ave  Boulder, CO 80303
Bring:  ID, money
Trail:  None, we're just drinking
D'Erections:  Use Google Maps. From Foothills, head east on Arapahoe. It's approximately the 7th left turn. If you've never been to Avery, it's not visible from Arapahoe; you have to go behind Global Collision and Secure Self-Storage.