Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Um-teenth anal Hangover Hash

It's that time of the year again. Get plastered, stumble out of bed reach, get your sober friend to drive your sorry bum to some park, and reach for the first mimosa you see. All so you can do it all over a second time.

That's right it's time for the hangover hash! at the crack of noon January 2013!!!

What:  2013 Crack of Noon Hangover Hash - BH3#662
When:  January 1st at the Crack of Noon
Where:  Kensington Park between Martin St. and Lashley St on E Longs Peak Ave. in Schlongmont
Hares:  Beano & David Cockerfield
Hash Cash:  $7
Bring:  Your hangover, a shag bag (A-B Trail) and a whistle for lost hounds.
Trail:  Should be short-ish, A-B, orange juice and champagne will be provided at start/end along with tasty beer at the end. Beer checks? It's Beano and Cockerfield, there will be beer checks.
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Yes and yes
D'Erections:  Map!
From Boulder: take the diagonal HWY and make a left onto 287. Make a right onto E Longs Peak Ave and find parking around Martin St.
From Denver: take I25 North and exit onto Ken Pratt Blvd. Make a right onto 3rd Ave and then a subsequent right onto Lashley St. Make a Left onto E Longs Peak Ave and find parking.


Monday, December 03, 2012

Boulder Hash Planning Meeting! (and Happy Hour)

What: Another boulder planning meeting
When: 6pm on the 5th of December 2012
Where: Wild Woods Brewery, 5460 Conestoga Ct. Boulder, CO 80301
D'Erections: Map! ( )

Things to be discussed: Hollidaze West, Happicoats, Mugs, Beer, the economic effects of Beano-style on a hash based economy, and if we have time Bolder Boulder/GDR/Other big event in Q1-2 of for next year.

If you don't want to talk about planning just come on down for some tasty nano brewery beer!


PS: Keep your eyes out for a Femto-brewery, where each batch is made in Nalgene bottles and run by a jackhole with a handle bar mustache

Saturday, December 01, 2012

END O' THE WORLD HASH - Friday, 21 Dec

Yes folks, as we all know the END OF THE FIFTH SUN OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR is on the Winter Solstice THIS YEAR! As new-age prophets and seers keep telling us (it's gotta be true) ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AND WE ARE ALL DOOMED! Nothing will survive past midnight. Let's hash our way into Oblivion.
We will feed you spaghetti & whatever pot-luck y'all bring. Vegetarian option available. There will be a keg.

When: Friday, 21 December 2012 - The Winter Solstice. Pre-lube starts at 5:30 PM. On-Out at 6:45 PM. Stay all night if you want.

Where: Hash is A to A at Mother Ducker's pad: 13421 West Ohio DRIVE, Lakewood, Colorado, 80228. The "DRIVE" in the address is very important.

Hares: Mother Ducker & Jorgia OH! Queef. We could use a vigorous co-hare to help lay trail.

Questions? Call MD at 832-766-3458 or 303-845-2125. JOQ at 303-957-7945.

Attire: Either: A) Wear the clothes that you want to wear in the afterlife because we're all Doomed. B) Dress like bloodthirsty Gods/Goddesses so we have somebody to kill us all in case the Real Deal does not show-up.

Hash Cash: Donation in a can.

Bring: Virgins, dogs, night-vision goggles, WARMTH, a stout hiking stick for thumping mountain lions. We will feed you spaghetti, but the rest is pot-luck so bring something.

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Super dog friendly trail, beer/shot stops & On After - fenced back yard, dogs allowed in house, dogs allowed on furniture, leg-humping OK... Strollers - probably not, bring a backpack for your larvae.

Hash Crash: Tons of crash space - beds, couches, floors. Stay all night. We'll feed you breakfast.

From Boulder: Take 93 south to US 6 East. Go 6.4 miles to the Simms St / Union Blvd exit. Turn right onto Union at the top of the ramp.
From Denver or Colorado Springs: Take I-25 to US 6 West. Go 5.7 miles to the Simms St. / Union Blvd exit and turn left onto Union at the top of the ramp.
PART 2: Once you are on Union go south 1.2 miles to W Alameda Pkwy and turn right. Go 0.9 mi and turn right onto West Ohio AVENUE. Go 0.5 miles, turn left onto Beech St, then make your first right onto West Ohio DRIVE. It's the first house on the right (not the house on the corner).
LOST? Call Call MD at 832-766-3458 or 303-845-2125