Friday, November 16, 2012

[BH3] Holidaze! Holidaze! Holidaze!

There is still time to register for Holidaze West: Boulder Snash & Crash. Register here:

What: Holidaze Snowshoe Hash
When: January 11th - 13th
Where: Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Hares: Beano & Lil Miss Muffet
Rego: $39.69 (includes lodging, beer, and Holidaze shirt)
Bring: Food, water, clothes...whatever you think you'll need for a weekend in a cabin in January.
Dog Friendly: Yes

For those who have already signed up, your rego is not confirmed until Pig Pimp or ProBoneMe receive your payment. So pay up!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BH3 #660 - TBTFT 2012

From Blue Lips

Hey Hash elves!
 Yes, there will be a TbTfT this year!!!

Saturday, December 8 at 3 PM!!!  This is a BH3 hash, and BH3 is now on Saturday!
 Gift wrap party to follow at the usual location (for all you regulars!)
 Casa de BlueLips and GQ if you are new!

Hares:  OralB, PigPimp, TongueHole, GQ, KneesUp

 Start:  Somewhere near a popular shopping emporium in the vicinity of 36 and Church Ranch Road.  Details to follow.  BUT I assure you this will be new, never before hashed terrain!!! and you know your hares never lie!

 Attire:  FESTIVE HOLIDAY!!!  This year we will have a special PRIZE for the most festive holiday attire.

 Why:  Because there are kids out there who need us to make sure they have  a holiday.  And because it is the MOST FUN hash of the Year!

 Hash Cash:  PigPimp  - you can send checks to her ahead of time.  She will be providing her address and wanker name in a separate email.

 Or - there will be a TbTfT elf at upcoming hashes to accept your generous donations.
 FundRaiser Elf in charge: TongueHole in the Jungle

This year we are adopting 4 families.  I will have details by this weekend.  EFAA really loves us - they are amazed that we have kept this tradition going for 10 years.  That's right - this is the 10th TbTfT.  To celebrate we will have a special  guest Mystery Hare.

"Ring-a-ling, hear them ring, soon it will be Hash-mas Day!!!!

Your hare,


If you would like to send donations ahead of the hash. You may send them to 1410 S Foothills Hwy #1 Boulder CO 80305. Attn: Amy Andresen.

Monday, November 12, 2012

TGIFriday Friday Friday Happy Hour! @ Grimm Brother's

What: Grimm Brothers Happy Hour
When: Friday 11/16/2012

Where/Meet: @ Cockerfield's house between 6:00 and 6:30
723 Hallmark Lane
Schlongmont, CO, 8050

Notes: We will carpool together to Grimm's.  Swilling of beer will be followed by hot tubing and more drinking back at Cockerfield's place.  Bring pillows and sleeping bags if you want to crash there for the night.

Bring: Your thirsty bum!

Special Note: You get extra points if you can get I Blow proper drunk for his flight back to Oregon.

Emergency Hump Day Hash November 14th!!

What: Hash #658.69 on Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!
Why: Because I Blow is in town.
Where: Dork House 2922 Baseline Road Boulder, CO
When: 6pm-ish Hare's out probably at 6:30 or whenever they finish their beer...
Hares: Beano and other special hares
Bring: $7, virgins, headlamps, warm stuff, thirst for beer and more virgins.

I Blow who used to live out here with his lovely wife Facial is visiting from Oregon for the week. Since, he missed Saturday's trail and won't make Denver's trail on Sunday we are doing a .69 Hump Day Hash.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

[BH3] Boulder's Amendment 64 Hash - Saturday Nov 10 - 2PM

What:  It's a Hash.  WEAR SOMETHING GREEN to celebrate passage of Amendment 64.

When:  Saturday Nov 10 - 1:69 HST

Hares:  Pippi Dong Stalker, Amber Alert, Cockchester

Hash Cash:  7 Dolla

Bring:  Virgins, Dry stuff, Virgins

Trail:  A-A  On-After at Outback features their anal chili cookoff for those of you who didn't get their fill of questionable chili prepared in questionable conditions by very questionable people last weekend at the Bada in Arvada

Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Pooches can hang, not the rugrats.

Amber Alert

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Gravity Brewing Happy Hour

What:  Happy Hour
When:  Friday 6pm on 9 November
Where:  Gravity Brewing, 1150 Pine St. Louisville
Bring:  Your thirst
D'Erections:  Map!