Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BH3 #729 - Saturday 2/28 @ 2:00

Boulder Hash #729

When: Sat, Feb 28. 2 pm

Start : Bob Berger Rec Center, Lafayette, Co. back lot, the pavillion by the skate rink.

Bring $5, cash and ID, shag bag, virgins

Hares: Muffet and Pod

Monday, February 23, 2015

[BH3] Impromptu Boulder Hash House Sledders #420-69

What: Impromptu sledding  because snow and Monday and alcohol 

When: Monday Monday MONDAY (tonight) at 8PM

Where: Tantra Park (at the 50 Shades of Grey VD Hash there was a Franzia check at the top of a hill, that is where we shall sleds)

Hares: Just Sled 

Hash Cash: No money because this is not a real Hash, BYOJD

Bring: Sleds, winter warmie clothes, flasks of hot whiskey, jars of hot whiskey, jugs of hot whiskey, your own booze, an appetite for speed, a disdain for children and school nights, easily accessible breasts/genitalia, mittens

Trail: A to B (A will be the top of the hill, you will drink; B will be the bottom of the hill, you will drink)

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Ummm, ever heard of a Dog Sled?


D'Erections: I'd say park in the back of the parking lot of the Cornerstone Church of Boulder Valley off of Broadway. It is technically on Lashley which runs parallel to Broadway and you can access that street by turning off Broadway at Hanover. The Skip will get you to across the street. Then you can walk about 100 feet through the little trail and through the fence to the top of the sledding hill. 


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

[BH3] Mardi Gracias Hash: Fat Tuesday!! 2/17

What: It's the last party before Lent!! It's also a Tuesday night hash celebrating Mardi Gras, Boobies, King Cake, New Orleans, Beer, and Virgins, all with a Mexican twist. 
When: This Tuesday, February 17th at 6:30pm. 
Where: Start location is the top of the parking garage on 11th and Spruce. There will be a quick circle but the end location is Bohemian Biergarten. Park your bicycles and motor cars accordingly. 
Hares: Miss Pippi Dong Stalker
Hash Cash: $5, with a bit of additional scrilla if you want to party all night long
Bring: Motha effing beads!! Pasties, NOLA spirit, Margarita glasses, sombreros, a poncho, clothing in the color family of purple/green/gold, homemade parade floats, HEAD LAMPS, yes, head. (Google "Mardi Gras New Orleans" for inspiration.) Bing proof you are 21 or older.
Trail: A-Aish, Aish not Amish. 
Dog/Stroller: The trail will be pup and kiddie friendly, for the most part, but every bar will refuse their entrance. My suggestion is leave the little friends at home. 
Hash Crash: You might get lucky. ;)
D'erections: 2028 11th Street Boulder, CO 80302

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hash This Saturday 2/14

Shades of Grey Hash (Hashing on VD to get a VD)

You wanted a valentine's day themed hash, eh?  Well fuck you and your lame ass holiday.  This is hashing.  Bring nipple clamps, butt plugs (Cockchester we know you have one), fine leather, that dildo sword from 7even, anything S&M that will get stares.


Who Dat?: In keeping up with a great VD tradition, All American Cum Stain will do it all by himself.  To make sure I feel the love, I will masturbate vigorously at (on) each beer check. 


Where dat?: Southern Bum (Southern Sun).  Apparently it is stout month where they serve beer that is not Coors Light.  Although I do not approve of this tradition, I understand others do.  Get your good beer in because I am buying beer for the hash (can you say malt liquor?)


When dat?: 1:69 lol (joke never gets old) on 02/14/2015 (three suns from now).


Trail dat?: A to A'.  Considering I have no idea where the trail is going yet, dogs, small children, sex slaves, real slaves and fetuses should be fine.  Trail will rate a 24 on the difficulty scale.  End of trail will be in a much less crowded parking lot because we will be dressed in leather singing songs about raping dead people.


Bring dat?: ID, skrilla, whips, chains, (anything in that Rhianna song), favorite Toto album, change of clothes, safe word, unwashed sex toys, repressed childhood memories that manifested in weird sexual fetishes, poll tax, $5 checks made out to "Mr. All American Cum Stain" and the hashit. 


Also dat: There will be a special surprise for the FRB and DFL at each beer check.  The surprise will be revealed at the beginning of the hash.  And yes, it took the guy with "American" in his name to turn the hash racist.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fwd: [BH3] The hash goes on a panty raid

What: Imagine you were Amber Alert running through a preschool playground…or Amber any day of the week. Now imagine you're running through that same schoolyard, but all the children are of legal age! That fantasy is precisely what Saturday's trail will provide. We can sure as sh*t promise you won't get any smarter, and at least you can re-live those college days without the debt accumulation.

When: Saturday, 1/31 1:69

Professors: Mach 1.Whore, Self Service Truck Stop

Trail: Parking complex on east side of CU campus where Colorado and 28th St intersect.

Hash Cash: $5 worth of extra credit

What to bring: Clothing for typical CO winter weather, babes, lots and lots of roofalin, whatever the cool kids are doing, burn those damn Jack Johnson cd's, deadly hazing rituals, Beano's Mom's pie (you know what pie I'm talkin' about, ahhh yeaaaaa)

On After: Darkhoarse

D'Erections: Going west on Colorado Ave. Make a left turn on Regent Dr. and turn into the parking lot. You will see a tall parking structure. Go in it. We will be either on the top level or one lower depending on weather conditions.

Call 310-200-0330 if you get lost or if you're looking for a good time.