Friday, September 12, 2014

Over a year of hash-flash backlog…

Since I started hashing, I've taken over a thousand pictures on BH3 trails, but have uploaded something closer to… none of them.  As a first step towards sharing hash flash soon after trail, I've gone through pictures from 30 trails over the time I've been hashing, selected 160-plus pictures, and am sharing them now.

(Pictures should be reasonably sfw, but if you're in a picture you'd like not to be shared on the internet, just let me know and I'll remove it.)

Photos begin below, starting from when I first joined you all last May…

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering Tupac Shakur and Mis-Management Election Results Hash

What: Dress like your best 80's/90's gangsta and get elected! BH3 #713

When: This Saturday at 3pm (9/13)

Where: Maxwell Lake (We have had beer checks here in the past.)

Hares: Beano and Pippi

Hash Cash: 5 dollas

Bring: Yo gang colors, 'tude, forties, a boom box, diamond stud earring, several backup dancers, your MC skillz, a microphone, parachute pants, and bag of peanut M&M's (for Pippi)  

Trail: A-A with chance of sunshine, rain, sleet or snow. 

Dog/Stroller: Both should be cool. We also like buns in the oven. 

(This link is for a random house on the block. Park and then meet at the lake.) 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BH3 #712 - Rock and Rain Hash

What: Rock and Rain Labor Sunday Hash

When: Sunday August 31st at 3pm

Where: Marshall Mesa Trailhead, Yes, Head. 

Hare: Pippi 

Hash Cash: five bucks

Bring: A rain slicker, boom box, Hammer pants, crop top, change of clothes, virgins, cammo paint, umbrella and your favorite candy bar.

Trail: A to A with some tricky bits in between. If it's raining, there is a plan B for circle. Plan B?

Dog/Stroller: Puppies will manage but strollers will not. Get a baby backpack, that should be okay. 

Hash Crash and DD: You can always sleep in my bathtub if you need to. And it's always a good idea to bring a sober friend. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

[BH3] Emergency hash!

Hey wankers, we have a void in hashing this weekend. UNACCEPTABLE! So, I propose we have an emergency hash to fill our empty weekend.

What: Boulder emergency hash
When: 3pm Saturday 
Where: Manhattan Middle School
Hares: Beano ++
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: A whistle, virgins, your left foot,  back up whistle. 
Trail: A to A


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mis-management elections!

Hello wankers and wankettes!

It's the time we've all been waiting for--hash elections! Yay! Who wants in on this goodness?

You will not have absolute power, but you will be corrupted, absolutely.

There are several roles for which you may nominate yourself or others. In keeping with the typical hash tradition of not being traditional, we are going to mix up the Mis-management possibilities. There are all kinds of roles silly hares can take upon themselves or be elected to fulfill. And that is why we want to expand the traditional roles to include a couple more options. 

Check out the P2H4 Position Descriptions: 

Or the Boston Hash:

There might be some new positions that interest you. And new positions should always interest you! 

The term is roughly from September to September. Please email Beano or Pippi with your nominations and we will be setting up a Google poll by Sept. 6th and the poll will close Sept. 12th. Newly elected officials will be announced at the Sept. 13th hash.

May "G" bless and keep you,

Pippi and Beano

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